Pressure washing services in London and Surrey

Our pressure washing services

If you’re looking for a quick and efficient way to restore your driveway, patio or decking, look no further! Our powerful and eco-friendly pressure washing service will make your paving sparkle.

The jet washer removes moss and dirt from most outside areas like decking, walls etc. extending their lifespan.

We will measure the space that needs cleaning and give you an accurate quote on the day.

Why pressure washing?

Jet washing is a great powerful and eco friendly way to maintain clean, safe and healthy outdoor spaces. Some of the many benefits of a professional pressure washing service include:

Professional exterior cleaning services

We provide professional pressure washing services for domestic and commercial customers in London, Surrey and surrounding areas. Pressure washing is an effective cleaning method using a high-pressure jet of water to remove mould, grime, mud and dirt from your exterior surfaces. It makes this type of service particularly useful for driveway cleaning, decking cleaning, patio cleaning and garden furniture washing. It’s powerful enough without the need of cleaning detergents, so you don’t have to worry about chemicals ending up in your garden.

Book a professional pressure washing services in 3 easy steps:

Contact us & book

Contact us and get a quote and to book your pressure washing services

Get a clean

Our friendly and fully-equipped technician comes to your property and performs the exterior cleaning services

Enjoy the results

Relax and enjoy your sparkling clean outdoor spaces

How we perform our pressure washing services in London and Surrey

A member of our experienced team will arrive at your property providing the pressure washing equipment.

They will start by measuring the surfaces that need to be pressure washed and will confirm the quote. Then they will start preparing the equipment. Please keep in mind we’d need access to running water, electricity and drainage, in order to complete the work.

As soon as the equipment is all set up, our technician will get on with the cleaning. The jet washer creates a powerful stream of high-pressure water which blasts away accumulated dirt and grime and even removes some stains off the surfaces.

Once done with the pressure wash we will inspect the surfaces and will clean any residue from the surrounding surfaces (such as windows, doors, bins or walls) that may have been sprayed during the wash.

Our clients say it better

George Wreford
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Used them for the last month every week! They’ve come to my home and provided and fantastic service! Couldn’t recommend more.
Owen Amor
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100% thorough cleaning on the furniture and carpets, extremely delighted I chose them and would highly recommend them to friends and family : )
Cheryl Ko
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This is a wonderful cleaning company. Very responsive and fantastic staff who listen to your needs and do a great job. My baby also loves our cleaner and is always smiling and waving at her! 🙂
Sean Thomas
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Sparkle home cleaning provide a 2 weekly service for us. They are incredibly detailed, excellent timekeeping and a very process service. I would highly recommend Boryana and her staff.
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Really excellent cleaning service - super reliable, responsive to queries, and my cleaner does a brilliant job every week. Highly recommend.
Mike Watts
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The best cleaning company I've ever used. Super professional, flexible and friendly. Always leave the place spotless..

We provide pressure washing services in the following areas


It’s a quick, efficient and eco-friendly way to blast away any dirt and grime settled in your outdoor surfaces. Apart from leaving the washed area sparkling and more welcoming, the pressure washing service helps you to get rid of mould, dirt and moss (which can sometimes lead to allergies or trouble breathing); removes slippery stains; prevents erosion, cracks and discolouring of your pavement; extends the lifespan of your outdoor surfaces.

Almost any outdoor hard surface can be cleaned as a part of our pressure washing service in London as long as there is drainage: concrete areas, paved areas, driveways, patios (paving slabs, limestone, natural stone), deckings, brick walls (up to 2 meters high), fences, garden paths and furniture, balconies.

We don’t use detergents, as pressure washing is powerful enough to deep clean the outdoor spaces. Also, it’s safer for your garden and plants, as otherwise the cleaning agents may end up in the soil and cause damages to your plants.
The recommended frequency depends on the type of surface and location. Areas which are seeing a lot of direct sunlight usually don’t need cleaning as often and we recommend doing pressure washing once a year. Shaded areas that allow mould, mildew and moss to easily grow, need a good wash two-three times a year.
Please make sure the area you’d like jet washed is clear (from cars, furniture etc.) and allow access to running water, electricity and proper drainage near by. We’ll also need a parking space as close to the property as possible so we can park our van with all the equipment.
We will need access to water and electricity, so in case there is an outside socket and a tap there’s no need to be home. If there’s no outside access to those, someone would need to let us in.

Please contact us via email, phone call or by filling in our website form to get a quote.

Our jet washing services are charged per square meter (see rates), so we’d need the measurements of the spaces you’d like pressure washed in order to give you a quote.

When you contact us we will calculate a price based on the measures you provide (the length and width of the areas you’d like cleaned are enough). We always measure the spaces before we start the pressure washing itself, so our technician will conIrm the square meters and the exact price on the day. Please note that a minimum charge of £50 is applicable once you book one of our technicians to come.

The minimum charge for pressure washing service is £50.

Enjoy discounted rates for regular domestic cleaning by the end of March 2023

£18.00 £17.00 p/h weekly cleaning

£18.50 £17.50 p/h fortnighly cleaning