Window cleaning services in South West London and Surrey

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Domestic and commercial Window Cleaning in London

Enjoy the view from sparkling clean windows with the help of our professional window cleaning services. We have the expertise, tools, and the team to get the job done, effort-free and budget-friendly.

Our highly effective window cleaning methods will keep your home or office windows bright and clean. We use water-fed extension pole system to reach windows on up to 35 feet/ 10.5 meters with precision and care.

Get in touch with our friendly team to request a free visit and quotation for a one off or regular window cleaning in London.

Types of window cleaning services we provide in London

External window cleaning

We provide professional external window cleaning services for homes and offices in London. For cleaning the outside of your windows we use the water-fed pole extension method with purified water and professional cleaning detergents when needed.

To ensure the highest possible quality of service and to minimise the risk of damages, we take the time to come and see your windows before we get on with the service. This allows us to suggest the most suitable way of cleaning and to quote accurately.

Types of windows we clean externally:

How we clean the outside of your windows

Our trained window cleaning technicians come fully equipped with everything needed including a purified water source within their vehicle, meaning you don’t have to provide anything. They park outside of your property and prepare the tools. Once ready they clean the window panes, and if possible the window frames and sills. The windows are left to dry on their own and the use of pure water ensures they will dry streak-free without residue.

The service can be completed without entering your property and doesn’t require your presence.

Internal window cleaning

To clean your domestic or commercial windows from the inside we use the traditional detergent and squeegee method. It’s the best way to ensure dirt and marks are properly removed from your windows and that they are left polished and sparkly. You can combine internal and external window cleaning or book any of these two services separately.

Regular window cleaning

You can take advantage of discounted rates when you book your window cleaning services on a regular basis. It will save you time and hassle to arrange a one off visit each time, plus your windows will be as appealing as they could be. You can choose between every 4, 6 or 8 weeks cleaning.

Enquire for window cleaning

Window cleaning services


One cleaning technician is usually sufficient to complete the job.
Your local cleaning technician will bring everything needed for the cleaning. The only thing you could do is to ensure there is access to the windows and a parking space as close as possible to the property (on the same side of the street). Please close the windows prior cleaning.

Yes, all cleaners have public liability insurance.

Yes, window panes, frames (of PVC windows) and sills are included in the internal and external window cleaning services. To minimise the risk of damages, we might not be able to clean wooden frames and sills.

Purified water usually does a great job on its own, so we use detergents only when necessary. E.g. if the windows haven’t been cleaned for a long time or are heavily stained we use appropriate cleaning agents to ensure the best possible standard. In most cases this is needed on a one off window cleaning or on the first regular cleaning.

We have a water tank in our vehicle. On the odd occasion we run out of water it would be much appreciated to refill.

Our window cleaners do their best to achieve the highest possible standard, however in case you notice something’s been missed, please let us know within 24 hours after the cleaning so we can return and re-clean the missed area.

We always try to find a free parking spot first.  If there’s only a paid parking option, the customer is responsible for covering the extra parking fee for the time it takes to complete the service. If your property is within the ULEZ or congestion zone, these are covered by the customers too. This is the only extra charge that may occur on top of your booking.

No, as long as there is access to the windows, the technician can come, wash and leave without the need for any interaction or effort from your end.

We provide window cleaning services to all postcodes within South West London and Surrey. If you are unsure if we cover your area, feel free to contact us to check.

Yes, you can combine window cleaning with pretty much any other service offered by Sparkle Home Cleaning.

It’s particularly useful to add window cleaning to your booking for spring cleaning or professional End of tenancy cleaning, but you are free to combine with carpet cleaning or pressure washing too.

Another popular choice is regular window cleaning in addition to our regular domestic service.

Enjoy discounted rates for regular domestic cleaning by the end of March 2023

£18.00 £17.00 p/h weekly cleaning

£18.50 £17.50 p/h fortnighly cleaning